August 20, 2014

Boyd Coddington

Great car customizer kind to this fan and auto enthusiast while he was in Tulsa unburying the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere “Miss Belvedere”

My sincerest condolences to Boyd’s family and friends. I had the pleasure of meeting Boyd in Tulsa when the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere was unburied from under the courthouse lawn. Even though Boyd was very busy with everyone’s questions when I saw him at the press club the night before the car’s unburial, he was kind enough to take a few moments to talk with me and shake my hand before he headed back to his hotel with his family. He even gave me his business card and said to use his cell number any time.

Pictured here is Boyd with his wife, Jo, talking with another fan while in Tulsa.

Although I didn’t talk with him further while in Tulsa, I found out later we were both staying at the same hotel – the Crowne Plaza. While eating dinner in the hotel lobby with a colleague, Boyd and his family were at the next table enjoying the evening. Before they headed to their rooms for the night, Boyd, as he walked by, nodded my direction acknowledging me from earlier in the evening. That was awesome.

Thank you Boyd, and rest easy,

Matt C.

More Information: For more details visit this AutoWeek article about Boyd Coddington’s passing. His funeral information is available here.